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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  September 16, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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dressed in black, they came to the somber gathering at 6:15 tonight, exactly one week after the san bruno explosion. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the first vigils were held tonight to celebrate the lives that that lost their lives so
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suddenly in san bruno. mike mibach begins our coverage. >> reporter: this catholic parish came together looking to heal. the sounds of st. cecilia faded with the arrival of the hurst. a mother in one, the daughter in the other. the mother was greeted with opened arms by family and friends. >> we know they're in heaven now. so that's a comfort, it's the holes in our hearts that need healing and need to be filled. >> reporter: every single one waited to pay their respects and then to pray for jaquelyn
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gray and then janessa. >> she was a person that was a role model to everyone. when i saw her, i knew, i could be like her because she didn't have a mean bone in her body. >> she would walk down the hall and say hello to everybody whether it was a kindergartener, an eighth grader or a teacher. >> what i saw in jackie was that her girls were her life. >> reporter: their memories captured forever in time and for those they leave behind. faith will carry their spirit forever. >> we will feel their presence,
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we believe their alive, their spirit has left their body and we will see them again. >> reporter: juquelin's husband and daughter gabriela were together but not in their home. tonight we respected the father's request for the family. >> the funeral mass for jaquelyn and janessa gray is tomorrow. the other vigil tonight was for jessica morales. >> reporter: a week ago tonight
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san bruno was sered into people's memories. >> at 6:15 it's going to be the time of the explosion, the time that it happened. and we're all here to remember jessica morales. >> reporter: a week ago tonight jessica morales was watching football with her boyfriend. tonight at grundy park folks came to mourn her passing and to remember her boyfriend who still remains in the hospital with burns. >> i couldn't go to sleep for all those days. i still can't. it's still very hard because she's my best friend. >> reporter: jessica's mother is thankful for everyone's love. >> i thank you for everyone's love. just you looking at me and
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giving me a smile of encouragement that means a lot to me. >> reporter: today those who survived were busy trying to salvage remains from the fire. the city manager says in some ways, san bruno will never really be normal again. >> i think this situation has changed the community in ways that we probably don't yet even have the ability to perceive. >> reporter: while applying for assistance, the city says every penny used for recovery efforts will be fully scrutinized. live in san bruno, lloyd lacuesta, channel 2 news. the funeral for jessica morales will be held this
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weekend at the church of the highland's. there are three fire victims still not been identified. still the family of the bullis family releases a statement. it is with hope and love that we wish to see this community rebuilt. thank you to all those who responded to this community's cry for help. and to those brave men and women in the front lines. investigators warn of scrupulous and unlicensed
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contractors taking to take advantage of the victims.. the state licenses board says one common scam is convincing homeowners to pay up front for repairs, then vanishing with the money. the other scam involves convincing the homeowner to pull the permits for the job so the home opener homeowner is then responsible for repair work. police say lisa justin and sonia smith used driver's license applications to say they lived in the burned out neighborhood to get money and other aid. each woman was charged with three felonies. also two people from francisco, taylor and bennett are currently free on bail after they were arrested on similar charges. san jose police are looking into a chase on city streets that ended with two people dying. it started this morning.
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a patrol unit spotted a van driving irratically and pulled it over. >> the vehicle stopped initial little. when the officers exited their vehicles to approach the vehicle, the driver fled. >> reporter: the officers lost sight of the van but spotted it again a short time later. investigators then say the driver and another passenger suffered nonlife threatening injuries. officers say the driver will likely face charges including vehicle manslaughter and felony dui. a san francisco man accused of threatening nancy pelosi pled guilty today in federal court. a plea deal calls for 48-year- old gregory lee to be charged to prison. juicy made thousands of calls to pelosi because of her work on the health care reform law. his sentencing is set for december 2nd. a judge is expected to rule
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next week on whether to move the high profile chauncey bailey trial out of the bay area. the change of venue hearing wrapped up today. the two defendants want the trial moved to los angeles, but prosecutors say an unimpartial jury can be found here in the bay area. the defendants are charged with the murders of chauncey bailey and two other people. california's budget impasse is about to become the longest on record. still the so called big five did meet today. they emerged about 7:00 tonight with a hint of optimism. >> reporter: it is 78 without a budget agreement, tieing the record for the latest the california legislature has ever passed a budget set two years ago today. with empty floors this afternoon in the senate and assembly and no budget deal, at midnight, that record will
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fall. >> it's frustrating, it's madding and it's embarrassing. >> reporter: that was steinberg before the meeting. >> we're hopeful to be done tomorrow or the weekend. >> reporter: the lawmakers are trying to close a $19 billion projected budget shortfall. democrats say they've cut all that can be cut. democrats say progress can be made but there needs to be more. republicans blamed democrats for the record setting delay. >> it could have been done in july if the democrats dropped
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their demands. >> reporter: democratic leaders and the governor don't agree on the reason why the budget is late -- >> the governor's told the leaders we're going today good that. >> reporter: budget negotiations are going to continue tomorrow morning. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. that budget stalemate in sacramento is having a ripple effect. thousands of vendors and employees are -- hasn'tissued a paycheck in two months.
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the nonprofit provides help to those in need. >> so far the state has more than $3 billion in overdue payments to social services, schools and local government agencies and the situation is only going to get work as long as there is no budget agreement in sacramento. they say nature can be cruel, but whales are up against a manmade threat. ships happen, the story behind this collision, coming up. you wouldn't know it by tonight, but change is under way. bill martin will be
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law enforcement officers stepped it up this evening in oakland. the special traffic enforcement program or s.t.e.p. was a crack down on drivers who don't stop for pedestrians. anyone who at no time have insurance had their cars towed. others who didn't have a valid driver's license were cited. an advisory is out tonight asking ship captains to look out for whales off our coast. this happened after a container arrived with a draped whale on
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it bow. debra villalon is live at the scene where that whale ended up. >> reporter: we're looking across toward the ship with its unusual cargo. take a look from news chopper two, the 25 to 30-foot whale hooked over the bow of the ship. while it may have already been dead when snagged by the ship, usually they find that when they are positioned like this, they were alive when hit. but just too focused on food to actually get out of the way. >> this is essentially what is attracting all these whales to this area. these are cril that is extremely fat and rich in nutrition. >> reporter: where there is cril, there are whale. the one lodged on the ship was a minkey whale. similar to this, it's smalled tear the smaller than the blue and gray whale. but it's a beline whale that
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filter their food and unlike whales with teeth, their hearing isn't very good. so when a meal puts them on a collision course with a ship they may not move on time. >> when they hit a patch of cril, they are oblivious of ships, they are really oblivious of each other. >> reporter: conservationists believe it happens more than we realize. >> if we consider that we see this whale and the whale that the ship struck in july, how many are being ship struck that we never see. it's like the tip of an iceburg. >> i didn't realize until i seen it. >> reporter: workers alongside the ship were surprised and saddened too to see sharks show up to feed on the caucus. >> that's life. you know, we love the environment. we try to take care of the environment. hate to see it. >> the best thing we can do is put the word out that there's a
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large concentration of whales and make sure the ship know. >> reporter: the whale that was struck here will be dropped at sea. data quick says bay area home sales fell 11% in august compared to august of last year. it's at the lowest level it's been in 18 years. data quick said some potential buyers are worried about job security while others hope to see prices fall. but that didn't happen in august, the medium price of a bay area home was up 7% to
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$385,000. the bay area software giant oracle posted higher than expected profits. $1.4billion up 20% from the same time last year. oracle's earnings were a nickel more than some analysts had forecasted. news that fed ex will lay off thousands cooled wall street today. apple soared to a record high as it prepares to sell the i pad in china. the census bureau reported today that 14.3% of americans were living last year below the poverty line. it's a substantial increase from the year before when just over 13% were poverty stricken. the poverty line is $23,000 a year for a family of four. ktvu's rita williams shows us
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the faces behind the numbers. >> reporter: in san mateo julie and dao davenport were hard at work putting the pieces of their life back together. one in seven americans is living in poverty. >> it's kind of hard to swallow. >> it's kind of sad, but at the same time, it lets you know that you're not the only one that's in this situation. >> reporter: emmy an air force veteran was laid off last december. >> we're all fighting for the same job. >> reporter: two months later, dori lost her job and their combined $60,000 income was gone. by august, they faced eviction. >> it was difficult. we just didn't know what tomorrow was going to bring. >> reporter: census bureau figures released today show
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almost 44 million americans lived last year below the poverty line. >> these are grim economic numbers but there also is a moral core to this. the richest country in the world, the most powerful economy having this many poor people is immoral as well as an economic issue. >> reporter: the davenport ford a hand at this san mateo nonprofit. in three years calls for help each week havincreased from 100 to 1,100. >> we're seeing so many homeless people it's overwhelming. we're trying to do everything to help them. >> reporter: the twins are well cared for here. >> this is a blessing here. >> i think everything is going to be okay. >> reporter: the release of the
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poverty figures for president obama just seven weeks before midterm elections could deal another blow to democrats trying to stay in power. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. legislation aimed at helping small business is now one step closer to becoming law. the senate today passed its own version of the small business jobs act. the measure is intended to make it easier. republicans who voted against the bill say it's just another bail out. the house of representatives is expected to sign the bill next week before sending it to president obama for signature. that weather system we've been tracking is going to change everything over the next few days. it starts tomorrow, the clouds come in, some drizzle along the coast tomorrow morning. that could impact the commute on the great highway on highway 1 as well. maybe in your neighborhood on
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the bay bridge and the east bridge. right now this is the system that i'm tracking. the system is not overly strong, but it's still summer. so the fact that it's out here at all is a big deal. this summer system will be moving in closer to the area tomorrow morning. as it does, drizzle forms, a little bit of fog. temperatures trend down but they are still warm, mostly in the 60s and low 70s. as we move through time, the system moves in and it does bring the opportunity to use the umbrellas this weekend. i'll see you in a little bit. and the 14-mile lane on southbound interstate 680 runs through highway 84 and highway 237. it is set to open at at 5:00 in the morning. car poolers can use the express
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lane for free but will need to cover their fast track tresponder so they won't be charged. toll will change depending on traffic can't but generally is expected to be in the $4 to $6 range. for an explanation on how those lanes will work, go to and scroll to the right now section where you will find a
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the state today rejected the claim by the mother of kidnapped victim jaycee dugard.
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she said she was injured by the department's failure to discover her daughter's captivity and ongoing sexual assault. the state has already paid jaycee dugard $20 million but her mother was not included in that settlement. pope benedict xvi was in scotland today on a first state visit by a pope to the united kingdom. he held an open air mass and the crowd was smaller than expected. the pope acknowledged the roman catholic church did not act aggressively or quickly enough against priests who molested children. but that was an apology a victim said was too little too late. >> the problem is they were aiding and abetting the predator, no that they've been busted big time they are trying to repair. >> joe piscitelli says he personally wrote to the pope
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when the pope was a cardinal asking for his abuser to be removed from the priesthood. that didn't happen until he won a court case. two fathers who's daughters were kidnapped stopped in san francisco today as part of their bike ride. their advocating a number of laws and programs to help children so they don't become victims. >> to enpower our children with life skills, i would call it choices and options so that when they are faced with the worse nightmare they can be prepared and you know have a fighting chance. >> you may have recognized ed smart, his daughter elizabeth was kidnapped from the salt lake city home eight years ago and found nine months later. the other father saw his two daughters kidnapped and one killed. a man who was distraught about his mother's health shot
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a doctor before killing his mother and himself in baltimore at john hopkins hospital. paul warren partis was being briefed about his mother's condition before he shot the doctor. partis barricaded himself inside his mother's room during a two hour stand off. that's when partis killed his mother then himself. the doctor is expected to survive. they are wearing protective suits and masks because health officials say there's a significant risk of a hazard here, expect they don't know exactly what. that story still ahead. [ female announcer why settle for plain bread
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a new and disturbing condition emerged today literally in the ashes of the san bruno pipeline explosion. health experts say it's possible that all the ash contains toxins. so today all the homeowners were cleaning up in moon suits. >> reporter: firefighters sifted through incinerated debris. clean up crews pressure washed roof, unintentionally spreading ash in the afternoon wind. but officials urged precaution even though they have not yet tested the debris. >> we are basically deciding to handle this material as it
12:02 am
would be hazardous. not hazardous waste but hazardous. >> reporter: the intense heat most likely released toxins all in the ash. >> if you're in it digging it and it's coming up into you that's going to be a risk of inhalation. >> reporter: we saw one woman suffering breathing problems. crews sprayed water to keep ash from blowing. weekend rain may wash toxic rain into storm drain, then into san bruno lake and then the ocean. san mateo county is to sign a contract tomorrow to clear the homesites, the work to begin next week and take four weeks. >> we will remove, we will dispose and what will end up in the end will be clean properties. >> reporter: until then health
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officials are urging everyone to avoid contact with the ash and debris especially avoid breathing it. and to go indoors if the near constant wind here blows ash their way. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. at least seven victims of the san bruno fire are still being treated in san francisco hospitals. three are at san francisco general hospital. today one is in critical condition. two other victims both women are in fair condition. four others are being treated at st. francis hospital and doctors there said the four are moving into a phase of treatment which can often involve surgery. >> the consideration here is to get rid of, remove the nonviable burned tissue. because the nonviable tissue is a source of infection. >> reporter: the doctors say after the acute face is finished the patients may have grafts, reconstructive surgery
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and rehabilitation. a pg & e spokesperson said today the utility has fired a company called servepro, a company that was hired to clean up homesites. pg & e says it took action after complaints from unhappy customers. a serve pro spokesperson says he was unaware that pg & e had removed them from the job but has taken care of the problem workers. julie, the people who live
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in this building near lake merit were evacuated for five hours. some tell us thnatural gas leak in this neighborhood has made them nervous. around 1:00 this afternoon, a crew cut a gas pipeline mistaking it for conduit. putting residents on edge. evacuated residents tell us the smell of gas normally would not cause them alarm but that the san bruno explosion has them thinking twice. >> are you more nervous? >> we're starting to be after the tragedy in san bruno and with this happening today, certainly yeah. >> reporter: this resident wasn't home at the time of the
12:06 am
investigation. so he looked for the help of firefighters. the children were taken by bus to another school where parents picked them up. parents told us they were scared as they rushed to get their children. >> the memory is still fresh. >> tragedy again. >> reporter: the smell came from the school's furnaces which had been turned on for the first time this year. in san francisco there was a similar scare at galileo academy. >> we're seeing an up tick of calls in the bay area but that's what we're here for. >> reporter: here in oakland, residents say the san bruno explosion caused them to be more alert. they said they won't hesitate to report the smell of gas. >> our coverage of the san
12:07 am
bruno fire and explosion continues online. for more information on how you can help the fire victims go to plus hear 911 calls from the day of the disaster. an important step was made just hours ago in the gulf of mexico. a deep relief well finally intersected with bp's blown out well. to tonight the government's point man says data shows the two wells are not connected. the next step will be to pump mud and cement down to the relief well to seal the blown out well at its base. once that step is completed, the blown out well will be declared dead. the final seal is expected to happen by friday. san francisco hasn't had a new hospital built in more than
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40 years. ucsf says the hospital will be dedicated exclusively to women and children cancer patients. there is some good news tonight about this ú our real national pastime?
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saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm
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or go online. in southern california firefighters are reporting progress tonight against a while fire in the kern canyon. the fire has burned more than 8,000 acres containment is now estimated at 65%. full containment is expected by
12:11 am
sunday. one house has been detroyed, hundreds of others were threatened. a fire investigators say the fire was caused by a human but they're not sure if it was deliberate or unintentional. one of the items bridally is accused of leaking was combat video. bradley could face 52 years in prison. in news of the world tonight in after fan stan, the tom united nations envoy said today saturday's elections won't be perfect. but there won't be a repeat of
12:12 am
last year's fraud. in the middle east, secretary of state hillary clinton -- in mexico, the country began officially celebrating it's 200th anniversary just after midnight. president felipe calderon led cheers of the traditional independence cry viva mexico. but in some cities where the drug cartels run rampant, the
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festivities were more subdued. workers rallied outside a meeting at uc regents in san san francisco today. the regents voted to increase what the workers workers donate to their pensions. voters in oakland are about to choose a new mayor but the way they choose will be new to voters, and could lead to some surprising results. and the end of summer is next week, but it may feel ú
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republican candidate fiorina received an endorsement today where she worked. she talked about jobs and blamed democratic senator barbara boxer's policies for losing so many. >> since july of 2008, we have lost 145,000 technology jobs. >> boxer unveiled her first attack ad against fiorina. we have exclusive information tonight about a new poll on the oakland major's race. don perrata the man most analysts thought was a shoe in to replace ron dellums appears not to be such a shore thing
12:17 am
after all. randy shandobil has our report. >> reporter: there are ten candidates running for oakland mayor. but a new report suggests only a few have a real chance. >> it's obvious to us this is a three person race. >> the three? former state senate president don perrata and gene quan and rebecca capland. perrata is the best known but he's not the sure thing some analysts thought he'd be. >> i wouldn't call this a slam dunk when i look at these numbers. >> reporter: the numbers, perrata, 26%, quan 22 personalty. kaplan 17%. the rest onepercent or less. >> reporter: to win the election, a candidate needs 50% or more.
12:18 am
but with 10 candidates running that's a difficult number to reach. if no one gets 50%, second and third choices could count. >> what's interesting to us is that 1/3 of the voters at this point are undecided. >> i haven't made my mind up. i haven't done any research. >> i think perrata, i think he's the front runner, i'm going to vote for him. >> i'm going to vote for rebecca kaplan. >> reporter: in this case, second and third places will likely make a difference. >> it goes down to a three candidate race for perrata, quan and kaplan. >> reporter: but he would only win narrowly. and with so many undecided, analysts say debates could make
12:19 am
a big difference. so our on website you will find complete information on the first mayor's date. just click on the election 2010 weekend of summer officially and it's going to feel like winter. sort of ironic isn't it. let's go outside, look what i'm tracking right now. this is significant moisture headed our way. the funnel system is lined up offshore. most of the energy is going to drive north of heelsburg. this is where the real rain will be up in here. we'll see period of showers in the bay area over the next 24 hours. this is how it breaks down tomorrow morning. look for some sprinkles, not sprinkles, drizzle for the morning commute. it releases the atmosphere, creates some instability. creates light drizzle most likely tomorrow. more clouds, temperatures slightly cooler in the 70s. still going to be warm this
12:20 am
week end. we have rain in the forecast, mainly north bay. everybody else light scattered showers. okay, the main event looks like it's going to be on sunday. drizzle to the coast tonight and tomorrow morning. as it moves through we'll look for cloudy skies to continue. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy tomorrow. unsettled weekend but the real story here is that the sunday looks like the main event for scattered showers. right now saturday and i'll show it to you right now how it works out. saturday looks like it's going to be cloudy, maybe drizzly but there might be some sun breaks. tomorrow morning, we have drizzle and just because there's some dynamics. the forecast as you go through saturday. organizes offshore, that's saturday 6:00 a.m., real dry. then there's saturday in the afternoon, pretty dry. then as the afternoon wears on it starts to drop south. so saturday looks to be the
12:21 am
driest day on the weekend. that's changed, as it breaks out saturday looks like the driest day. there might be some drizzle. then here comes sunday, boom. there's 7:00 a.m. none of this is big rain, but it's summer or anything like this is a nuisance. scattered light showers, sunday at 7:00 a.m. sunday around lunchtime and after lunch some scattered showers and sprinkles. then it's out of here by sunday afternoon. so you get the picture, unusual bay area weekend. fog when you wake up tomorrow morning. that's the computer model, it's everywhere. low clouds and fog. doesn't really clear back to the coast. tomorrow partly cloudy, partly sunny. the forecast highs tomorrow look something like these, 70s and 80s. the five day forecast, this is not a big rain event. lots of folks the last week of summer are expecting bar-b-qs
12:22 am
and sunny. that's pot going to happen. late pictures of earl brooks, he was the california man who's images bare a striking resemblance of ansel adams. the new pictures are not like the ansel pictures. he lived
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all right, mark is off tonight. fred is filling in, how about those san francisco giants. >> finally they can say they are now in control of their own destiny. it's been a long bumpy 4.5 month ride. for the first time since 2005 they won the season series against those dead beat dodgers. you can see tommy lasorda is excited about those play off hopes. and johnson this play buster
12:26 am
shot in the back. 1-1 after one. giants starting pitcher jonathan sanchez throwing seeds. . strikes out a career high. giants get to the third inning with a three run blast. and giants get 10 tonight. jose guillen has a deep ball. giants win with an exclamation point. 10-2 is your final and the padres, well they came up empty against the cardinals in st. louis tonight. that's albert pujols at the plate. and he takes a pitch off the right field. john j. scores. they played spoilers tonight. the giants take over sole possession of third place for
12:27 am
the first time since may fifth. padres fall back, colorado was idle today. and the raiders opener will be blacked out. and during last sunday's loss in seattle, they called a couple of time outs and even took a delay of game penalties because the plays were late getting to smith. on two key drives deep in the zone. someone inside the organization blames jimmy ray for slow and confusing play calling. >> something that's disappointing. maybe immediate reaction. if there's something you have to say, go say it. and say that you said it. but don't go say a bunch of stuff but don't tell him i said it. to me that's a rat. that's a coward and a rat.
12:28 am
>> i've done this for a long time. i've done this for 35 years in the league. i'm not flawless, i think i speak with good diction, i don't garble anything. >> they need to fix all of that
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